Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Prizes for the Top Ten winners

While in the process of collecting the entries for the Top Ten Web Hacking Techniques of 2010, I’ve solicited several would be sponsors to offer prizes to the winners.

1) OWASP Conference Pass
OWASP graciously stepped up with a free conference pass (several hundred dollar value) and access to a training session (pending availability - $1,000+ value). Of course you’ll still have to pay for air and hotel, but taking a couple of hundred bucks off the top for the trip certainly helps out. There are three OWASP Global AppSec Events on the schedule for 2011 -- Dublin, Minneapolis, and Lisbon. Take your pick, they’ll all be really good!

2) Autographed Collection of Web Security Books
This year I also wanted to award something really different -- something uniquely cool. Then I thought, what about a collection of Web security books autographed by their respective authors? That'd be pretty kick ass! So I made a big list of books published in the last couple of years and asked for a signed book donation from the authors. Guess what happened!? Within 24 hours I heard back for essentially everyone saying that they’d be delighted to support (see below). Woot! These guys rock.
3) BlackHat USA 2011 Conference Pass
BlackHat, a long time Top Ten sponsor, is donating a BlackHat USA 2011 conference pass ($1,395 value)! You'll of course have to get yourself to Las Vegas and find a place to stay, but you'll get to attend one of the best conference in the industry. Not to mention that kickass parties take place all during the event and the option to attend Defcon. Way cool.

I’m waiting on some other awards to come through the pipe and figure out the best way to allocate them. Stay tuned!


Soroush said...

Nice and great again. You are really helping the web security!
How do you collect all these information? Do you need any help?

Jeremiah Grossman said...

@Soroush: thank you! I look through a mountain of web security blog and mailing list posts. Then call out to other researchers to help, but not all receive the message. So anyone, including yourself, sees things I miss please pass them along. It helps!