Monday, July 27, 2009

Bump into me at Black Hat

It is simply impossible to physically schedule the time to meet with everyone that I’d like. So save for a 1 or 2, I’m not even going to try this year. Instead I’m going to try something more social and spontaneous. Float between events, parities, presentations, and the WhiteHat booth to see who's there and strike up interesting conversation. About what? Who knows! That’s the beauty of it because the hallway track at Black Hat is particularly good. Highly recommended. And if anyone is so inclined to shoot some video for YouTube purposes, we can try that as well. Can't wait!

Black Hat USA 2009 Speaker Party (9pm)


OWASP Breakout Briefings (4:45pm)

Pwnie Awards (6pm)
* Can’t stay too long as I have to get to a customer appreciation dinner (1 of the 2 meetings)


Securosis/Threatpost Disaster Recovery Breakfast @ Cafe Lago (8am)

Mo' Money Mo' Problems (11:15am)

Syngress Tweetup @ Seahorse Lounge (6pm)

Microsoft Party (after 9pm)

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