Monday, April 28, 2008

(IN)SECURE Magazine #16

(IN)SECURE Magazine #16 has been released. For those unfamiliar, its a PDF with no DRM, and always has excellent infosec content. Definitely my favorite online mag and always well worth the read.


Yousif Yalda said...

Can you receive the magazine physically? It's a good read, but I personally don't like burning my eyes through huge PDF pages like this..

Anonymous said...

Not that I am aware of, it's always been a PDF only.

You could of course kill a rain forest and print it at work :)

Jeremiah Grossman said...

mszafran, sorry I deleted your earlier comment. Misclick when clearing our the spam.

Anonymous said...

No probs man. I guess getting blog SPAM means you've hit the big time? Even if it wasn’t especially enticing.

It's good to see (In)Secure getting some press. I've read it since it came out and found it quite good.

I like the presentation as much as the content. As someone who dabbles with design, it's given me a few ideas for that side of things too.