Sunday, August 05, 2007

On the road again...

I just got back home from Black Hat / Defcon and spent the last 24 hours detoxing and resting up for the weeks ahead. Starting at 6am tomorrow I’m off traveling an amazing amount to speak at several infosec conferences. What’s cool is I get to see more of the country, meet new people with similar interests, and converse about their various webappsec challenges. I'm looking to learn as well as teach. However, this also puts a serious crimp in my BJJ training. Maybe I’ll have time to work out in the hotels and perhaps visit some local academies in the area. I’ll bring my gi just in case. :) If you are attending any of these events, I’ll see ya soon!

Metricon 2.0
August 7 | Boston, MA

Lockdown 2007
University of Wisconsin-Madison
August 9 | Madison, WI

SANS What Works in Application Security Summit 2007
August 15 | Washington, DC

Tampa, Florida
August 23

NCA Conference 2007
September 6 | Seattle, WA

Los Angeles
September 7

ISACA Network Security Conference
September 10 | Las Vegas, NV

InfoSecurity New York
Septhember 11 | New York, NY

IT Security World 2007
September 17 | San Francisco, CA

OWASP Taiwan
September 27 | Taiwan


Jeremiah Blatz said...

NY San Da has no-gi BJJ classes MWF evening and Tues morning. As an added bonus, you can probably see me get kicked in the head in kickboxing class! :-)

Jeremiah Grossman said...

Schweet! Got a URL or address?

Jeremiah Blatz said...

Jeremiah Grossman said...

Thanks Jeremiah!

Chris_B said...

Still hopin you will be part of Black Hat Japan

Jeremiah Grossman said...

If the reviews from BH USA come back good, maybe a good chance for an encore performance. But all this travel is killing me.

Chris_B said...

welcome to being famous

Mark said...

Have any more info on the conference in Tampa? August 23rd marks the second day of classes at UF, so I might be able to get away with skipping to attend :-)

Jeremiah Grossman said...

Hey mark, Jordan had the same question. Its not actually a conference I'm attending, which is why I didn't name it. Its a business trip to the area to meet with a few people, thats all.

slideyfoot said...

Random question, but how do you dry your gi when travelling? Do you normally stay in one place long enough you can hang-dry it, or simply take the risk of spin-drying? I've been planning to go to the US at some point (currently a very vague 'some point') in the future, hence trivial question. ;)

Jeremiah Grossman said...

Normally I only stay someplace 2 days when I travel. So when I get back from BBJ on the first night I hang my gi in the bathroom overnight. Then when I take off on a flight I stuff it in one of those plastic dry cleaning bags. Works nicely.

slideyfoot said...

Do you ever train more than once when travelling? Though I guess if you're normally only there two nights, that would be kinda a tall order. Reason I ask is my plan would be to go up the West Coast, dropping in at some places along the way.

I'd love to train somewhere in LA (there's a guy I'd like to visit there, but must be loads of top places for BJJ in a major city like that), then with Caleb from the Fightworks Podcast in San Diego and Roy Dean at his academy in Bend, Oregon. Although I've no idea if that's even feasible without a car.

Problem is, unless I brought a whole crapload of gis, I'd have to make sure the thing was dry along the way. Haven't tried the plastic dry-cleaning bags before, so maybe that would be an option?

Jeremiah Grossman said...

I've trained twice in one trip before and having a wet gi was indeed a problem. Traveling with more than one gi is not an option due to space constraints. So the first night I went in with a gi, second gi-less. Turned out OK, just had to check with the instructor first.

As far as LA area training goes, I've visited these two academies, both are really good.

San Diego is about 2.5 hours drive south of LA and Oregon about 12 or so north.