Monday, September 25, 2006

More big Web App Attacks

News from Netcraft, cPanel Security Hole Exploited in Mass Hack
"HostGator says hackers compromised its servers using a previously unknown security hole in cPanel, the control panel software that is widely used by hosting providers. "I can tell you with all accuracy that this is definitely due to a cPanel exploit that provides root access and all cPanel servers are affected," said HostGator system administrator Tim Greer. "Thi
s issue affects all versions of cPanel, from what I can tell, from years ago to the current releases, including Stable, Release, Current and Edge."

Ouch. And it gets worse! Hacked web pages were used to spread IE exploits.

"Hackers gained access to HostGator's servers late Thursday and began
redirecting customer sites to outside web pages that exploit an unpatched VML security hole in Internet Explorer to infect web surfers with trojans."

Its clear that websites and browsers need to be made more secure. In my opinion, we're just seeing the beginning.

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