Sunday, September 24, 2006

ModSecurity Acquired

Update: An interview with Ivan Ristic via (

Ivan Ristic (Thinking Stone), the man behind ModSecurity, has joined forces with commercial WAF vendor Breach Security. I've been recommending ModSecurity for a long time, so first order of business: ModSecurity will remain as open source, better yet more development resources, and an ambitious project roadmap that competitors should pay attention to. Awesome news!

This is a brilliant strategic move by Breach. They're acquiring a great piece of technology, instant leadership in WAF deployment, and a top-notch web application security professional to lead the charge. Properly executed this could be a huge win-win-win for Ivan, Breach, and the community.

Congratulations guys, we look forward to great things!

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Anonymous said...

yeah its a great thing.
All those years ago when i first met Ivan in London for the OWASP meetings, I knew mod_security would go far.

Hopefully now he can take a rest and enjoy the new addition to the family more and not worry about coding that much :)