Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sentinel SecurityCheck

Have you been hearing about WhiteHat Sentinel for a while, but never had the opportunity to try out the service for yourself? We'd like to change that and make Sentinel accessible to more people. We've recently announced a new promotion, for those who are interested and qualify, to receive the full customer experience for 30 days -- for FREE. This is way more than just finding vulnerabilities. If you like it, great sign-up! If not, which is extremely rare, you owe nothing. Follow the link below for additional details.

WhiteHat Security Announces No Cost Website Vulnerability Assessment Program

Sentinel SecurityCheck offers organizations 30 days of continuous assessment to identify all website vulnerabilities and mitigate leading risk for data breaches; Participating companies gain access to WhiteHat Security's verified vulnerability results and personalized guidance on website risk management


brian.tolbutt@hotmail.co.uk said...

it is always good to get your security checked out by professionals you can trust. the internet is always being adapted for better and in some cases worse. staying one step ahead of the hackers is essntial for good business.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jeremiah,

At Mario Heiderich's recomandation I want to make contact with you regarding a laughable event that took place at Yahoo's OpenHack Bucharest. You will be very interested. Please leave me a reply on the email address linked to this comment.

Thanks, Pax.

Jeremiah Grossman said...

@pax I'm all ears! jeremiah -at- whitehatsec . com