Friday, July 10, 2009

Picks for BlackHat 2009

One of the things that makes Black Hat so friggin’ awesome is the quality of the speakers and their presentations. Bleeding-edge material, theoretical and applicable, seen no where else covering everything including technology, business, legal, social and political arenas. Unfortunately this also forces you to make tough choices about what talks to see. No matter which one you choose, you are bound to miss something cool taking place in another room. The largest time block for me though is the undocumented hallway track. Taking the time to meet people I know and those I don’t to learn new things and exchange ideas is what it is all about! Fortunately, conference videos are made available so nothing is really missed. My picks for Black Hat that I’m going to do my best to see as many as possible. What are you wanting to see?

Day 1
The Laws of Vulnerabilities Research Version 2.0
Sniff keystrokes with Lasers /Voltmeters
Analyzing Security Research in the Media
There's a Fox in the Henhouse
Hacking Capitalism '09
Pwnie Awards

Day 2
Cloud Computing Models and Vulnerabilities - Raining on the Trendy New Parade
Mo' Money Mo' Problems *only because I have to be there. ;) *
Clobbering the Cloud!
Breaking the Security Myths of Extended Validation SSL Certificates
Reconceptualizing Security


Arshan Dabirsiaghi said...

am i the only one who has an urge to punch myself in the neck whenever i hear about 'the cloud'?

Jeremiah Grossman said...

@Arshan, I can safely say I've never wanted to punch myself in the neck. But if there is something security wise "new" in the cloud, I'd certainly like to know what the heck it is.

Tyler Krpata said...

My picks.

Unknown said...

Back in the saddle and blogging like a madman I see...

ShawnM said...

Thanks for the plug Tyler. Once again Jeremiah gives us no love. And I even like WAFs.

Jeremiah Grossman said...

@Shawn, actually I believe I've seen one of your presentations on social network security before. Solid stuff. Just for me personally, given the nature of my day job, I'm sick of social network hacking! Can they make it any easier!? sheesh.

ShawnM said...

We're sick of it too, that's not what this year is about. I believe there is a sleeping giant of yours that may be relevant, among other things. Anyway, group hug.

Davi Ottenheimer said...

Cloud is just an attempt to make services more product-like in how they are marketed. Definitely a hype thing, but we can be thankful it didn't get branded something worse like an anti-IT accelerator. I'm presenting an in-depth look at how to audit service providers...ahem, I mean clouds, at the fall ISACA conference.

Anonymous said...

if you miss something you can always watch the video online.