Monday, June 22, 2009

WhiteHat is Hiring

We are growing, fast, and need more exceptional people to join our team. The things we work on, people we worth with, and organizations we work for are completely unique. Check out our job listings, and if something looks like its for you, let us know!

Application Security Specialist
For the up-and-coming security specialist: this is an amazing opportunity to flex your creative muscles as you take a crack at poking holes in websites, actively searching for security vulnerabilities that you can exploit.

Customer Support Engineer
Looking for an experienced customer support engineer to provide exceptional services to our customers and business partners in supporting our Sentinel Service offering. We are Software as a Service (SaaS) provider.


Jay said...

I am applying for the job, hope to talk to you soon.

thesp0nge said...

I'd like to submit my resumé for the application security profile, but I wasn't able to relocate @ US :-(

Keep going on securing the world

Anonymous said...

How important is it for a person to be willing to relocate to Santa Clara?

Jeremiah Grossman said...

@Jay, not that I wouldn't want to talk to you (or won't), :) but you'll be conversing with the operation team during the interview process.

@thesp0nge, yes, it is a pain for us as well. So many good people out there globally, but we are still very much a US centric organization. As such, very particular operating parameters.

@anonymous, yes Santa Clara relocation would be a requirement.

Anonymous said...

Hey I looked at relocating to SiliVall for another job but my wife is in education/administration and all those jobs are gutted by the Terminator.

Plus now Google seems to be following a Michael Bay plot: drill into the earth two miles for geothermal energy and earthquakes ensue!!!!


So relocating to Silicon Valley is out. I'll stay in Dallas and keep hacking from here!

Anonymous said...

Hey there...

Im based out of India.. i do have a valid H1B visa.. is it possible for me to apply for this position if I have the required experience ?

Unknown said...

Robert just told me you guys are hiring. I guess I could come back to the bay if you have some positions still open.

Man the economy sucks, is it not hitting you guys that hard?

Jeremiah Grossman said...

@Erik, yes we are hiring. Check out the careers page. The economy is hitting just about everyone, but we are still growing.