Friday, October 10, 2008

Maui Vacation 2008

Some people are busy and then some people have my schedule. Typically my time is spent in thirds -- a third public facing (conferences, presentations, writing, media, etc.), a third speaking with customers, and the remaining third performing R&D. Oh, and a whole lot of time in spent in the air, check out the wall of fame. ;) Fortunately now that the whole clickjacking craziness has died down a bit and the quarter is over, time for a much needed break. Starting this weekend I’ll be heading back home to Maui for a couple of weeks of R&R. Beach, surfing, BJJ, play with the kids, sleeping, checking out my dad’s home built hydrogen powered jeep and whatever else I can fit in. From there I’ll be off to Malaysia for a couple of days attending Hack in the Box Malaysia and delivering a keynote speech. Emails and blog comments are unlikely going to be responded to during that time. Unplug and unwind. See you all in November.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeremiah,
I'm currently undergoing a CEH training course to become a better whitehat. I'm just starting out as a security consultant, and not so conversant with all these new exploits and security vulnerabilities floating on the web.
My country's really taking heat by the current wave of cyber attacks that have been affecting banking&telecoms sectors. I really want to be able to give solid advice whenever i'm contacted consulted. I've always wondered how security professionals like you started out and built up ,gaining security experience over the years, to get to where you are now.
How did you do it ? Reading lots of books ? Passing several certification courses ? How'd you do it, i really wanna know.


iron0088 said...

I also can say that your position in web security is very very high.
I never have been in similar situation but in the answer to question of previously post i suppose that all experience begins at big love of doing something, once more big love, it is the most important, and secund is of course work, parsevering work. And i think that the rest will come some time in the future :)
PS. Great Blog!!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous iron0088
"I also can say that your position in web security is very very high."

Are you refering to Jeremiah or my previous post?
Sure, i love doing what i do; reference made to being a whitehat. But since i'm just starting out - i know there's alot to learn and just want to get advice and clues on how to thread properly the path that Jeremia, and people in his field have followed.
I'm sure he didn't just wake up one morning and want to be a whitehat. - There must have been lots of stuff he did that got him to where he is now.
The current wave of cyber attacks that have been affecting my country really saddens me, i want to be extremely useful in the area of cyber security - especially for my country.

I would just like Jeremiah to cite a few (specific) areas or things that he did, for example ; going for different security training courses or reading various books pertaining to web security.


iron said...

it referred to your previous post :)

Jeremiah Grossman said...

Hey guys, I'd like to refer you to a couple to an earlier blog post on how I got my start and also an interview I did with Leaning Security Online. To quote:

"Get involved in anyway and at any level you can. This could be an entry-level job, contributing to a community effort, or participating in a mailing list discussion. Read everything (white papers, articles, blogs, etc). Email the authors and ask tough questions. Attend conferences and local chapter meetings.

The whole idea is to meet people, build relationships, and learn everything you can by helping out. This also demonstrates your passion and value to those you interact with. Nothing says more to an employer (or a recruiter) than personal initiative and self-motivation.

I can expand upon anything you'd like...

Anonymous said...

Will do, Thanks Jeremiah.


Parantar said...

yeah. wi will do. thank you jeremiah!

Mike said...

I'm looking at the wall of badges and wait a minute...were you at DefCon 2008? If not I'm declaring Shenanigans.

Jeremiah Grossman said...

OMG! Good eye Mike, sheesh. Your right, I was not there... had a co-worker grab me a badge using a ticket I got from BlackHat. Had to continue my collection back from like DC6. :)