Monday, September 29, 2008

Insecure Magazine Issue #18

Issue #18 of my favorite online magazine, (IN)SECURE, is now available for download. The magazine is consistently content rich, high quality, and best of all - free! ;) This issue has several articles on Web security, one of which was written by yours truly, "Browser Security: Bolt it on, then build it in." Obviously with software security this is the opposite of what you want things to work, but when you consider the business objectives of Web browser security this is the way it tends to work. Here’s an excerpt of the premise...

"Some vendors attempt an über secure design - Opus Palladianum as an example, but few use it. Others opt for usability over security, such as Internet Explorer 6, which almost everyone used and was exploited as a result. Then, somewhere in the middle, is fan-favorite Firefox. The bottom line is that any highly necessary and desirable security feature that inhibits market adoption likely won't go into a release candidate of a major vendor. Better to be insecure and adopted instead of secure and obscure."

Other compelling web security articles:

- Web application security: risky business?
- Secure web application development
- Enterprise application security: how to balance the use of code reviews and web application firewalls from PCI compliance.

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David Rook said...

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