Sunday, March 30, 2008

InfoSec Conferences Abound

Every infosec conference has something different to offer and is of value depending on what you are into. Some people enjoy the talks and the expert speakers, others like learning about the vendors latest warez, while more still take advantage of events taking place close to home if travel isn’t an option. So while many of us are gearing up for during the final week before RSA, here are some other conferences definitely worth a look.

The Texas Regional Infrastructure Security Conference taking place in San Antonio. I went last year and had a really good time, but couldn’t attend this time around since I’m scheduled to be present for InfoSec World 2008 in London. TRISC's talks favored more of the business side as opposed to super deep tech which makes it ideal for IT professionals with a casual security background. The agenda has some top webappsec talent lined up and I’ve personally seem them all present. Good guys with engaging material. Texas local RSnake is making the drive from Austin and WhiteHat’s own Trey Ford will carrying our flag.
  • Why I don’t use web-app scanners ... all the time. - Robert Hansen
  • Top Website Vulnerabilities: Trends, Business Effects, How to Fight Them - Trey Ford
  • Black Box Vs. White Box: App Testing Strategies - John Dickson
  • Securing the SDLC: A Case Study - Dan Cornell

ToorCon Seattle
Man, I haven’t had the chance to get back to ToorCon in years and I really miss it. Its deep technically, has the latest content, solid speakers, cool events, and laid back fun style. ToorCon is a lot like Defcon was years back before it got HUGE. Of course my schedule is too crazy as usual, I’ll be in Dubai at HiTB during the conference so won’t be able to make it. Though I do see a lot of excellent speakers listed on the agenda, which is essential for any good show. If you are in the area or have the means to travel, you’ll definitely have a good time.

InfoSec World 2008 (London)
I’ve only just started really experiencing MISTI’s InfoSec World’s shows. The first being the 2008 one in Orlando just a little while ago, where I had a great time mixing with the attendees and hanging out with several familiar faces. InfoSec World had plenty of sponsors so the venue and the amenities were stellar all around. Catered parties, free booze and snacks, yum. ;) The hotel itself was crazy nice, even the taxis were black SUVs. How similar this is to Europe I have no idea, but I’m looking forward to the trip and finding out. If anyone reading is going to be around for the show, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeremiah

I plan to be at Infosec for the last two days. Would be delighted to hook up.


Jeremiah Grossman said...

Hi Brian, just stop by the F5 booth and ask for me if I'm not already there. They'll be able to locate me.

Anonymous said...

I've started to maintain a google shared calendar for all infosec related events in North America. And my blog post about it is at Hope you find it useful.

Jeremiah Grossman said...

Wow man, this thing rocks. Nice work. I'll be passing it around!