Thursday, October 04, 2007

Agenda posted for OWASP & WASC AppSec 2007

We’ve been working very hard behind the scenes to get the very best speakers and presentations on the agenda for this year’s OWASP & WASC AppSec 2007 Conference (November 12 – 15, San Jose, Ca). There are roughly two dozen cutting-edge talks from the web application security industry’s thought leaders and that doesn’t include the training classes available during the two previous days of the conference. While the arrangement is subject to change, check out the agenda line-up!

PDP (architect) and Stephano Di Paola (Minded Security) are traveling from overseas to discuss Web 2.0 hacking and identifying vulnerabilities is Flash applications respectively. Robert “RSnake” Hansen (SecTheory) will be discussing web browser security, or the lack thereof. Arian Evans (WhiteHat Security) will be talking about website security statistics. Oh, did I mention that Samy Kumkar will be in attendance as well!?! Yes, the man himself who wrote the infamous MySpace worm will be there to tell his story first hand.

Then we have Chris Wysopal (Veracode) talking about software backdoors, Ryan Barnett (Breach Security) on Web application firewalls and Virtual Patching, and a nice contingent of enterprise guests from Ebay, Paypal, DTCC, Google, Microsoft, etc. Ofer Maor (Hacktics) is coming in from Israel to discuss the PKI Lie. This is going to be a great show! Then there will be an entire Web Services security track and parties on each night!

Attendance will be limited to 350 people due to the size of the venue, so if you want a spot, don’t wait to register.

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