Friday, July 27, 2007

See you at Black Hat!

RSnake posted the news and I’m excited to say he and I will both be on stage presenting Hacking Intranet Websites from the Outside (Take 2). This is our first time presenting together so this should be a lot of fun and we’re both busy polishing up the slides and preparing the demos. Last years talk is going to be hard to top, but we plan to seriously push the limits of what’s possible by illustrating what happens when combining a variety of attack techniques, both with and without JavaScript.

More than likely the room will be standing room only. So if you’re going to Black Hat and want to get a good seat, it’s a good idea to camp the room. The talk before ours on Anti-DNS Pinning (DNS Rebinding) should be particularly relevant to the topic as well. PoC code and slides will be made available. The video will come later when get it on DVD. And just after the presentation (during lunch), we’ll be signing XSS Attacks books in the pavilion.

Also, if you’ve RSVP’ed for the OWASP & WASC Cocktail Party, it’ll be later that evening at the Shadow Bar. This event is definitely the place to be with nearly 300 peopled signed-up. Its like the whole webappsec world is going to be in attendance!

Black Hat is going to rock, I can’t wait!


Anonymous said...

I am now in Vegas and its HOT! But at least its not humid as well. This years lineup of speakers looks amazing, and I'm looking forward to seeing your talk.

Jeremiah Grossman said...

Hey Garrett,

I'll be there monday afternoon. See ya tuesday!

Anonymous said...

I really hope, that someone is recording it, 'cause Vegas is too far away to come over.

Jeremiah Grossman said...

Every session is recorded and we'll be buying the DVD. We'll post it when we get it.