Friday, July 27, 2007

How to check if your WebMail account has been hacked (Redux)

Erik Larkin from PC World posted a great tutorial on how to “Set a Hacker Alarm on Your Web Mail Box” in 5 easy steps. This is based upon a trick I blogged a while back. We improved upon the original concept by using a free hit counter,, instead of having to host a web server yourself, which many are not able to do. Also by including the “alarm” code as an HTML attachment, the trick will work even if your Web Mail account is set to “block all images” to prevent spam. This is trick is useful not only catch a hacker breaking into your Web Mail account, but perhaps rouge customer service representatives or someone with physical access to your machine. Have fun!


Anonymous said...

The steps mentioned are pretty interesting.
However, I do not really find the topic Set a Hacker Alarm on Your Web Mail Box OR How to check if your WebMail account has been hacked appropriate.
The steps assume that the malicious attacker is interested in financial gains, which may not always be the case.

On second thoughts, one may put appropriate subject line to determine if her/his partner is monitoring his/her mails. ;)

Gustavo said...

Pretty cool ideas! And for those able to host a webserver, you could create a script that, when accessed, would send you something like a SMS or MSN msg (or even an e-mail to another address), warning you someone logged in. In some cases it could also change your e-mail password!

A bit paranoid, but interesting :)

Anonymous said...

Who's Erik Larkin?