Wednesday, May 02, 2007

RSnake, the latest Web Application Firewall convert

Learning to Love WAFs. What can I say, but "wow". The hidden meaning behind this article says volumes about the current state of the web application security industry and where we are headed.


Anonymous said...

Exactly, It's been since a few months that i'm converted also. Cause you'll see it's a good solution only in a hands on experience, a practical solution rather then a theoretical.

Mainly due to the reason this is going to be important soon. if someone asks me why i think it's mainly because there are so much threats out there it's impossible to keep track of them daily, prevention & detection can help as a short term solution.

Ronald van den Heetkamp

Anonymous said...

i have not yet converted.

however, speaking to rsnake's credit - at least he mentioned only mod_security.

Jeremiah Grossman said...

come to the darkside. :)

Anonymous said...

Given the current market knowledge of application firewalls the spike we'll be seeing is because of PCI. Now this isn't to say the perception and uses may be expanded upon, but right now this explains any rise in sales.

Rob said...
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Rob said...

It's so sad that we have to plug development holes with otherwise useless hardware all the time.

I just posted on this story over on before I saw you had picked it up, it's tragic. And if PCI promotes sales of these satanic devices I will hide my face in shame.