Monday, May 07, 2007

(INSECURE) Magazine Issue 11

(INSECURE) Magazine Issue 11 is now available for download. Normally I don't "check this out" posts without commentary, but in this case I'll make exception. This mag is one of my personal favorites and always has some good quality content.

  • On the security of e-passports
  • Review: GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner 8
  • Critical steps to secure your virtualized environment
  • Interview with Howard Schmidt, President and CEO R & H Security Consulting
  • Quantitative look at penetration testing
  • Integrating ISO 17799 into your Software Development Lifecycle
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI): dead or alive?
  • Interview with Christen Krogh, Opera Software's Vice President of Engineering
  • Super ninja privacy techniques for web application developers
  • Security economics
  • iptables - an introduction to a robust firewall
  • Black Hat Briefings & Training Europe 2007
  • Enforcing the network security policy with digital certificates

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