Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Video Interview with Help Net Security

During RSA 2006, Mirko Zorz and Berislav Kucan (the guys behind Help Net Security and my personal favorite infosec magazine (IN)SECURE) invited me to record a video. "Web Application Security with Jeremiah Grossman", what else would I be talking about? :)

Description: "Jeremiah Grossman is the CTO of WhiteHat Security. In this video he talks about the differences between web application security and network security, the assessment process in general, logical vunerabilties as well as Web 2.0 security developments. He also provides us with insight on his work as a security officer at Yahoo! and the reason why he started WhiteHat Security."

This was a lot of fun and a great use of the medium. I've only done a couple of these video interviews in the past and *whew*, they do make ya a little nervous. This should be done a lot more often at conferences in my opinion. Help Net, going to Black Hat USA?

I also noticed Help Net posted several other interesting looking infosec videos to YouTube as well. Good stuff!


Anonymous said...

Good one Jeremiah, you are getting into the lime light fastzzzzzz....


Jeremiah Grossman said...

Thanks and yah, it seems so. I've been around for a while yet, but this kind of exposure just kinda happened all of a sudden. Don't worry I promise not to turn into a talking head who doesn't know anything babbling silly rhyming quips. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah don't turn into kevin mitnick

- zeno