Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Worst CAPTCHA Ever is RIGHT!

I just came across the Worst CAPTCHA Ever post and upon seeing the title I was thinking, "cmon, how bad could it be." Then I saw it. OMG!


Drew Hintz said...

In addition the captcha would be rather easy to OCR. Just averaging all the frames would remove all the extra animations, while leaving the good text. After that it's rather simple, it doesn't even look like the characters are distorted.

Anonymous said...

yeah, and characters are spaced out - that's totally backwards, because OCR won't have problem extracting individual ones.

Most of those CAPTCHAs are quite easy to break and they're "secure" just because spammers don't care about one or two blogs, if they have millions unprotected ones out there.
(even Yahoo's hard Gimpy has been cracked well-enough for spammer's purposes - http://www.cs.sfu.ca/~mori/research/gimpy/hard/)

Andy Steingruebl said...

Actually, I think a worse captcha is:


Much funnier though.

Anonymous said...

That's pure insanity... Hm. maybe i'll use it :D


Cd-MaN said...

Hotlink are we?