Thursday, March 01, 2007

High 5 profile on InformationWeek

During last Christmas I did an interview and a photo shoot for the High 5 profile section of Information Week. Meet Jeremiah Grossman, CTO Of WhiteHat Security. This was a first for me and an interesting experience to say the least. Sure I've done plenty of interviews, but never anything like this before. Larry Greenemeier did an excellent job describing my professional and personal interests, without the cheesiness factor I've seen in similar publications. If you check out my picture you'll find me doing my best impression of a local-boy-turn-security-pro-tough-guy-look. I'm told it looks good, but my face turns red when I look at it. Either way, might as well have fun with it I guess.


Anonymous said...

Damn, next time they should use a pro photographer, look at those shadows!!!

good article though

Jeremiah Grossman said...

Not that I have any experience in proessional photography, but it could be he was going for dark and mysterious infosec look. :) You should have seen the ones we took with me cupping my hands around my eyes peering in the window. HAH!