Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Go SecTheory!

Robert "RSnake" Hansen just publicly let the cat out of the bag... He's finally entering the security world and launching his own company, “SecTheory”. Congratulations!

Robert’s been talking to me about striking out on his own for a while now and I've been encouraging him to do so. Starting a security consultancy is no small task. I did it with WhiteHat six years ago, so I know first hand how tough but also how rewarding it is. What I also know is Robert and id are highly experienced and intelligent guys with a lot of domain knowledge to offer. Few can match they’re skill set.

They’re focusing on the mid-tier who have very particular and specialized needs who can’t yet afford high-priced full-timers. There are a ton of companies our there who could utilize their talents so I know these guys will do very well. I’m sure I’ll be passing a few people their way because they’ll get treated right.

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