Monday, January 22, 2007

RSnake, Microsoft, XSS... Oh my!

RSnake leaked that other day that he's been having a positive dialog with MS about browser security. He said MS seems genuinely interested about adding more anti-XSS features into IE7. All I got to say is WOW! FINALLY someone is listening. Thank you! Few people know the issues as well as he. Here's the thing I worry about…if MS does a good job at helping the user protect themselves against XSS, I might have to switch browsers and recommend people do the same. That’s a lot of crow to eat. :) Hey Mozilla/Firefox developers, little help here!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting news :-).

But before Microsoft add more anti-XSS features into their IE, they need to remove all XSS from their search engine! As I already wrote at my site about it and as I said Jeremiah recently.

Microsoft need to make secure their own search engine first ;-), before talking about anti-XSS features in their browser.