Friday, January 19, 2007

Recording/Slides for Top 10 Web Hack of 2006

Webinar Slides [PDF] and WebEx Recording [Reg. Required] released. Thanks again to RSnake and Robert Auger for helping build the list.

Attacks always get better, never worse. 2006 was a significant year for website hacking. “Hack” is the term used loosely to describe some of the more creative, useful, and interesting techniques / discoveries / compromises.

In this Webcast, WhiteHat Security founder and CTO, Jeremiah Grossman will look back on what was discovered – he’s collected as many of the new 2006 web hacks as could be found and narrowed the list to the Top 10. With issues ranging from XSS, confusion over AJAX and Javascript vulnerabilities, and more, it’s sure to be an informative discussion.

* Reveal the top 10 attacks of 2006 by creativity and scope

* Predict what these attacks mean for website vulnerability management in 2007

* Present strategies to protect your corporate websites


Heather said...

Would you be able to tell my why my site is listed here?,44,page=36 it is the post sixth from the bottom. Thanks!

Jeremiah Grossman said...

what's the hostname?