Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Picking Brains Interview

I recently did a Picking Brains With...Jeremiah Grossman, interview with Ronald van den Heetkamp of Jungsonn Studios (who goes by the name Jungsonn). "Picking Brains With..." is a collection of interviews Jungsonn is starting to put together with various experts in the industry. He asks them a series of infosec related questions, and zip zap, your done. I thought it would be fun, so I figured, why not!


Anonymous said...

Your weblog was really good and interesting.
I have a question and need your help.
I want to learn the "Hack Science" and then improve more and more.
Where do I have to start form?
I don't have any information about hack.
I wanne improve a lot so that I can find system bugs by myself.
I am an intermediate programmer on "Visual Basic 6" and "Visual C++ 6"
Thanks a lot with your help.
Wish you luck.
my email:

Jeremiah Grossman said...

Hi milad, thanks for the kind words. Your question in a tough one to answers\ as "Hacking" covers a lot of ground. For myself, I've always been interested in web application technology, including the security side. I learned all the technology involved, web servers, programming languages, browsers tech, etc etc. so I could build it and break it. When you find an area of personal interest, learn all you can and the security will follow.