Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Jeremiah thanks RSnake

While obnoxiously basking in my new Google glory, I failed to notice that RSnake wasn't on their security thank-you list. He's had a colorful relationship with the Google in the past and unfortunately not everyone gets the credit they deserve. I know this well having been plagiarized more times than I care to remember. The fact is RSnake is a brilliant security guy and technologist. He’s helped me on countless occasions with webapp hacks, including some with Google and others never to be named. Few are as passionate and contribute more to the infosec community than him.

The thing is in this industry we're too often preoccupied with being overly critical of new ideas and paranoid of our peers. Possible does not necessarily mean probably and we pay for that attitude. And every once in a while its good take the time to commend those who's work we come to rely upon. RSnake deserves thanks for the XSS Cheat Sheet, sla.ckers.org board, informative blog, new ideas, and eclectic humor. Now get back to work you primadona!

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