Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Fire Hydrant Injection

Similar to Driving off with the fuel pump, another one of those things you hear about or see in the movies, but never with your own eyes. During a trip to Santa Cruz, Ca. my wife and I happend to drive past an intersection where someone had just run over a fire hydrant. It was quite a sight. The tower of water was about 8 feet wide and reached 10 feet above the power lines! Water completely flooded the street. There was a school playground in the background and the kids we going nuts from behind the fence.


Anonymous said...

I suggest you change the title of this post to "Fire Hydrant Injection"

Anonymous said...

Maybe they were aerating the water to get the algae out.


Jeremiah Grossman said...

WB, ahaha, why not :) DONE.

dan, that could be! The water didn't particularly smell foul during. :)