Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hey I can see my, office!

I know it's old to most people, yet coolness factor of Google Earth never fails to impress me. If you said that this level of information access would be in the hands of anyone with a PC in the 90's, well you'd either be raising VC cash or called crazy (maybe both). Plus, I live and work in Silicon Valley (southern half of the northern California bay area), where a lot of the cutting-edge technology is developed. Having grown up in Maui and now being in the center of it all also amazes me. Driving to lunch, market, work, gym, etc. and your likely to see the headquarters of the world's tech-giants. No matter where you go you overhear people taking techno-babble. If your a techno-nerd, this is the place to be.

Still, the question I often get is why I moved. Other than this is where I need to be to run WhiteHat, I don't have a solid answer. Though I do take my vacations on Maui. :)

WhiteHat Security Headquarters

Cool technology companies within 15min of each other

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