Monday, July 18, 2005

Cops and strange event links

I guess being a Cop means you get called out on some really strange incidents. Some of these makes you wonder how you explain "how your day went" to someone else. I wonder if this level of cruelty has always been here or is increasing. Hard to tell since brings access to everything world wide.

I think I know of good punishment for this woman.

Mother Charged After Kids Take Turns In Trunk On 8-Hour Drive

I have strong feelings on movies to be sure, but rising to the degree of hanibal lector canabalism, thats a whole other level.

Man Has Nose Bitten Off In Fight Over Bruce Willis Film

Simply unimaginable.

Police Say Mother Injected Toddler With Feces

This reminded me of that Johnny Knoxville trailer where he pretends to be retarted to fix the Special Olympics. One way or the other though, this coaches life is over.

Report: Coach paid player to harm disabled boy

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