Wednesday, July 13, 2005

ABC News (Australia) TV Interview

Wow, an actual honest to goodness blog post.

Today I was interviewed for an ABC News (Australia) show called Four Corners. Its a 45 minutes show similar to the PBS Frontline we have in the states. The subject matter was phishing and identidy theft. The whole process took about 3 hours to film. This was really an interesting and entertaining experience. I believe this was my second TV appearance and I think I'm getting more comfortable with the idea. We'll see if the final results show me in a relaxed state or a jabbering tech0-ninny.

As part of the filming, they allowed me to do a phishing demonstration using a XSS vulnerability I found in ABC's website. I call it Phishing with Superbait. I created a FAKE news story appear on the REAL website stating the reporter won a Pulitzer and also linked to Al Qaeda. This hack is different than normal fake website scams because it originated from the legit website instead of a rouge server. So the URL looks perfect in every way. Both the reporter and producer were amazed that such a thing was possible.

I'm not sure when this will air, but they'll be supplying me with a DVD.

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