Monday, March 07, 2005

gaming links

The sexiest case mod I have ever seen. Could there actually be a market for this type of thing?

This was a really amusing story I thought.
Favorite Article Quote: "Personally, I find anime to be, and I'm picking my words carefully here, gay ass."

Seanbaby's Frag Doll Dream Date

And who are the Frag Dolls?

I'm thinking they were imitating Lu Kang.

Boy from Latvia performs a fatality (Mortal Kombat) move on friend.,001800080000.htm

Then back in the U.S. we're making the video game makers accountable.
Those unconscionable bastards at Midway Games should be tossed in jail.

And some of you would be pleased to know that seems to have beat the criminal lawsuit wrap.

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