Friday, February 25, 2005

what are the odds? (Not links)

not links, but interesting odds calculation for comparison derived (gorilla math) from the information in previous emails. Results are based upon if you live in the U.S.

The odds of you being Pope (1 in 500 Million) if you are Roman Catholic
Most Popes are over 60 when confirmed. There may be two Popes between when you are 60 and dead. Though if your not a Bishop, its never happened before.

The odds of you being U.S. President (1 in 50 Million)
Estimate of the number of US presidents between when you are 35 and 80 years of age: 5. Though if you are not a Senator, Governor, or Representative, its never happened.

The odds of winning the California Super Lotto Jackpot (1 in 18 million).

The odds of being killed in a car accident on the way to buy a Lotto ticket (1 in 6 Million).

The odds of a heterosexual becoming infected with AIDS after one episode of penile-vaginal intercourse with someone in a non-high-risk group without a condom (1 in 5 million)

The odds of you being Dalai Lama (1 in 1 Million) if you are a Tibetan Buddhist and under the age of 4
Since Dalai Lama's are confirmed at very young ages, there may be 2 chosen in your lifetime. Only 1 Dalai Lama not living in Tibet has been confirmed.

The odds of being killed by terrorists while traveling abroad (1 in 650,000)

The odds of being dealt a royal flush on the opening hand in a poker game (1 in 649,739)

The odds of being struck by lightning in your lifetime (1 in 3000)

The odds of having a twin (1 in 33)

Kind of puts things into perspective.

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