Wednesday, January 19, 2005

World has had a drought of decent links recently

Senator Boxer and Condi get into it at confirmation hearing. Great stuff!

The link is in the second column entitled "Confirmation Hearing for Condoleezza Rice to be Secretary of State (Part 1)"
Go to the very end of the 3 hour segment and it will play another 13 minute clip.

Careful what you code apparently. I wish the government fight to pass laws to protect my specific business model.

"A bill introduced in California's Legislature last week has raised the possibility of jail time for developers of file-swapping software who don't stop trades of copyrighted movies and songs online."

The ultimate is reality tv.

Thai jail plans death-row webcam

Being old and by chance having a child is one thing, but to go out of your way at this age is irresponsible.

'World's oldest mother'... at 66

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